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We’ve added two new weekly sessions to the ramp section: the  Thursday Night “Old Man Mini Jam” and a Saturday afternoon 12-4 session – $3.00 per session.  Hit the pages for more information.

Speaking of sessions, here’s a dump of Aaron’s photos from last Wednesday:



We’ve updated the site tonight with information on the following sessions and skating programs at Undercover:

Skate Waiver
Wednesday Night Sessions
Friday Fest Games of SKATE
Saturday Morning Skate Lessons

Nuff said’

Undercover is proud to announce that we are re-introducing VOX Footwear into our inventory. Look for 3 colorways of the Ryan Smith Trooper to arrive next week. Do you know what the best part is for you guys? They’ll be $39.99 a pair.

Mike Carroll had a little bit of fun on a flowboard at the Mango Seed last Saturday night following the demo and signing at Undercover…

KyleisCool uploaded one killer video featuring shop and park footage from last week.  Good stuff here folks:

Skateaton also had a sweet video of his travels through the signing line:

And another video featuring a lot of shop skating and a bit of Fourstar park action from Nick Forbes:

Tyler Boland and Hooterboy recently sent us links to their videos from the Fourstar signing and demo that went down last week.  Check them out below:

Here’s a grip of shots from the Fourstar 4LiveCrew dinner session and after party from last Saturday.  We thought we had more pics, but food, skating, and randomness got in the way of photo sessions:

More raw footage coming your way from the Undercover/MangoSeed Fourstar 4LiveCrew afterparty.

We have a grip of raw unedited video that’ll be uploaded over the next few days.  Here’s a quickie of one of Tony Trujillo’s short runs.